Where Have I been?

I think I did say AGES ago, that I would try and do this blogging thing often… um, yeah, that didn’t happen.

So, let’s recap from last year…

I graduated with Distinction at college for doing Massage Therapy!

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And since May last year, I’ve been working at a Dartmoor Spa doing massages, facials, manicures and pedicures and loving every minute! I even strutted off on my own and did my own business, Massage With Care!

Click here for my website
Or here for my fb page

And in September of last year, I studied Lava Shells. Eco friendly and exothermic shells to help with deep pressure massages.

But then after I was getting requests for doing £300 massage parties for hens or birthdays, Covid-19 hit. And I contracted the damn thing. Which wasn’t fun.

I came down with it a week before UK lock down. They wouldn’t test me because I wasn’t a key-worker. But I had the cough, the long-extended high temp and the loss of sense of taste and smell. Oh holy kack, I did not like that. My hubby even shoved Olbus Oil up my nose, I didn’t smell a thing. It took nearly a month to get my senses back, first thing I could smell was garlic, which I don’t mind.
So, we were in lock down, hubby was working, I was on furlough. No work for me. But, I did manage to get out Mark of the Water Nymph! Huzzah!!

Can be purchased for £9.99 here!

Annnnnnnd, while that was out, I managed to get the chance to speak to a producer who read my synopsis of a certain book (can’t name it just yet) and they said it would make a movie or a TV series! So, I was very chuffed about that. Thankfully, I have a friend who said he would help me turn the book into a script, so I can finally present it and maybe see it on Netflix within the next decade or so? I dunno. It may take a while, but it’s the first time someone has really said anything like that to me, so I’m very taken aback.

And eventually we are here, in the middle of August, nearly my 5th wedding anniversary. (22nd Aug) so, I’m being whisked away after work somewhere nice and tomorrow, Monday, we’re off for Yo!Sushi, which I adore! It’s that 50% off dealy from Monday to Friday, but bugger it, I’d spend £100 to scoff until my jeans pop!

My year update is over. Wonder when the next one will be?
Who knows!?

Below is Adam last year for his Doggy Christmas Day Out to see Santa Paws!

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