Drivers Drivers Everywhere…

I know blogs are meant to be about some interesting topic or such thing, but I think today’s will be about driving.

Now, my dad is a driving instructor, so being taught by him I’m good. I’m not the best driver but I sure as hell aint the worst!

I have a few beefs on the road, we all do. I think even the most patient person has been angry at someone’s poor driving. So, I’ll go through my pet peeves. If you have any, comment or reflect.

Pet peeve one: Indicators!



Okay, but trying to understand this, are people really that effing lazy? Really? You can’t just respect other drivers around you and go, “I’m going left, the person behind me should want to know as it is a courteous thing to do.” And especially at a round-a-bout. How the hell are new learners meant to know where people going if you don’t put your indicator on?

You know, when I first did my driving test I failed with, “Undue hesitation.” Around me there is a place called Balls Corner, a huge ass round-a-bout and I was approaching it with my RIGHT indicator on and I saw it was clear, then this twat comes speeding round and I slam my brakes on and stalled on the round-a-bout. I was 25 mins into my test and because of that, I failed. Because of that arsehole wanker tit face, who DIDN’T put his indicator on, I didn’t know where he was going and well… there you have it. And though men spite women who can’t drive it was a MAN who didn’t put his indicator on.

So that’s my first pet peeve. Please don’t be an arsehole wanker tit face. Indicate and be considerate!

Pet peeve two: STOP FOLLOWING ME!

This is a weird pet peeve and is sometimes difficult to explain, so I shall give an example.

Whenever I have to go somewhere new, yes I have my sat-nav, but if it is a specific numbered house, sometimes sat-nav doesn’t play ball. Now, more often than not, I slow down to check out the numbered houses and 9/10 times I have someone up my arse wanting me to go faster instead of 4 mph. Now 9/10 times I can’t just pull over, unless its in someone’s drive, so I look around and see a road for me to turn around. And 9/10 times the effing person up my arse FOLLOWS ME! I swear to god, it always happens! It happened today! I went to see someone, never been to that place before, there was a dead-end in front of me and a road either side. I chose the right road to turn around in and the dick behind follows me! Then when I’m trying to turn 9/10 time this happens- I get a glare and they get angry cos I’m making them wait for me to do a 3 point turn. What the heck?

Pet peeve three: GIVE WAY!!!!

Near me there is a road for “Give way for on coming vehicles.” I actually got so angry at this one particular near miss with two twats and a 5 yr old, I wrote to my local newspaper.

Both cars were gunning to get by the lump in the road. Both cars were in the wrong, but neither of them saw this five yr old kid wanting to make a bee-line for his dad on the opposite side of the road…. Yeah.

Needless to say that the kid was yanked to the side of the road by mum, but the car who DIDN’T give way and should have, made the other guy pull into a small lane which isn’t accessible for cars as it’s a path for pedestrians. Honestly, why can’t people be patient? You’ll live longer and it’s calming for the body to be more relaxed. So please people GIVE WAY TO ON COMING VEHICLES if they have right of way.


Okay, no more pet peeves with driving. This was kinda a ranty post today. So that’s me done for the night. Back to writing!!! 🙂


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